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Custom Vinyl Wrapping in Melbourne

A vinyl wrap is a vinyl covering that is applied over your vehicle’s paintwork. The three phases of the process include designing, casting it into a sheet, and the third phase is the viny wrapping phase. VIC signs is a one-stop-shop solution for all your custom vinyl wrapping requirements in Melbourne for over 11 years. Car wrap services Melbourne provides a wide array of benefits for the car graphics that make your car look unique.

Why to Use Vinyl Wrapping?

Here are the various benefits of our custom vinyl wrapping solutions across the suburb of Melbourne:

Easy Removal:

our experts can easily remove the car lamination during the process of car wrapping without causing any damage to the underlying paint.

Easy Maintenance:

we use 3d vinyl wrapping solutions that are easy and affordable. After first sorting out the underlying paint job, a simple re-application over the affected area can work wonders for your vehicle’s exterior.

Does not affect the resale value of your car:

Often, people worry that a wrap may affect the resale value of the car. That is not true. Custom vinyl wrap does not reduce the resale value of your vehicle. This is because it keeps the underlying layer of paintwork intact and thereby gives it a great finish.

Gives Your Vehicle a Unique Look:

we offer a wide array of options for you to choose from. With our custom vinyl wrapping solutions in Melbourne, we offer attractive car graphics themes.

Can be done on car windows:

Our experts provide custom vinyl wrap solutions that can be well applied on car windows too.

Short time to complete the process:

Our professionals provide the best vinyl wrap solutions in Melbourne that saves a large chunk of your time.

Call the Leaders in Custom Car Vinyl Wrap Services In Melbourne

VIC Signs is a trusted name as we provide tailor-fit vinyl wrap solutions for your vehicle in Melbourne. Vinyl wrapping is the perfect solution to the scratches and scuffs caused by other vehicles on the road or from roadblocks. Our experts will help you choose the design that best suits your vehicle. Call us on 03 9687 5071 to get affordable pricing for custom vinyl wrap services in Melbourne today!

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We provide ideas that can make your brand grow in fast

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If you are looking out for the perfect custom signage solutions in Melbourne, call us today at 03 9687 5071 and talk to our designers for the most affordable signage services in Victoria!


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